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Forwarding the News

Every weekday morning

Start your day with the latest Jewish news from the Forward and around the web curated by our news director, Benyamin Cohen. Plus: This day in history.


News Briefing

Monday-Thursday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday mornings

Catch up on the latest headlines, plus our best feature stories, opinion essays, Jewish culture and food.


Yiddish Brief

Wednesday mornings

A bissel of all things Yiddish: music videos, cooking shows, book reviews, and much more from our Yiddish editor, Rukhl Schaechter. Includes a free printable magazine of our favorite stories in Yiddish.


Looking Forward

Friday afternoons

A weekly letter from our editor-in-chief, Jodi Rudoren, with a personal take on the news, Jewish issues and journalism. Includes a free printable magazine of stories to savor over Shabbat and Sunday.


California Briefing

Thursday Afternoons

Jewish life, communal news, and conversation from the West Coast, through the eyes of our LA-based reporter, Louis Keene. Plus: the latest from our California colum


A Bintel Brief

Once a month

Keep up with the Forward’s iconic Bintel Brief advice column. This monthly newsletter includes links to recent columns, behind-the-scenes tidbits and unsolicited (but friendly!) advice.


Books Briefing


The best reads and reviews in our monthly tour of the Jewish literary landscape, with Irene Katz Connelly.


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